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Hi there!

Short version:

I started this cooking blog because I am stuck in London during the pandemic, and like many of us, I got no better thing to do than sharing my cooking😂


Long version:

 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 🍋

I moved to London for a career break right before the pandemic outbreak started. I worked in content marketing for 10+ years and was about to kick start my long-planned career break aka. round the world trip from London, though it didn't happen (yet, doesn't mean it won't🤞)

I got too much free time during the lockdown and have been spending most of my time cooking in the Airbnb apartment I rented. I started to take photos of my cooking with my phone and shared on my social profiles. While I received recipe requests for the dishes I made, I've developed even more recipes. So, I launched this blog to give my recipes a better home.

Currently still stuck in London but who knows what will happen next?

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Happy cooking and stay safe everyone!

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